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About electronic materials and its applications in life?


So many questions we have that how electronic materials play wide role in our life?

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INTRODUCTION: Electronic material having past five years or more old history and still researches continue on electronic materials. Earlier notion of electronic materials is linked with developments in solid state physics, quantum theory, etc., which successfully led to the invention of transistor in 1947. Electronic materials are probably typified by the materials used to construct a semiconductor chip. A chip contains a complicated combination of materials like semiconductors, insulators, metallic materials, etc. Electronic materials, as a group, include semiconductors, metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites that are used to construct highly complex functional sub-systems and systems such as integrated electronic circuits, magnetic and optical storage media, communication devices, sensors, flat panel displays, lasers, batteries, fuel cells, just to name a few. 

Now a days Electronic materials are universal. Literally, billions of people are using electronic materials in their daily life. Our communication devices, computing devices, etc. that we take for granted today are basically built with complex combination of electronic materials. Electronic materials have been the basis for the current age of electronics, information and communication technology, and have been contributing to worldwide economic growth in a big way. Other traditional groups of materials such as polymers metals, ceramics, etc., which are defined principally by their chemical and structural properties. electronic materials are defined by their unique properties. which are attributable to the flow, control, manipulation, and exploitation of electrons, and their interactions with atoms and molecules. The emergence of electronic materials as a group of materials in materials science and engineering is relatively recent.

Electronic materials are going to play even more important role in the future. Mobile communications, internet of things, big data revolutions, etc. are dependent on integrated hardware platforms that combine processors, sensors, actuators, independent energy sources, etc. in a tiny space. Exciting innovations and developments in the area of electronic materials are necessary in the coming years to advance these ground breaking technologies.

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