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Some important glasses used our surrounding

Glass: In this modern world, glass is widely used domestically as well as in advance materials.  So in this article we are focused on important glass our surrounding.

  • Bullet-proof glass: This glass made of many layers of glass and alternate layers consist of vinyl-resin plastic. Outer layers of glass plate are made thinner than the inner layers. The special care is to be taken for heating and cooling of layer during manufacturing. This glass use for security purpose such as bullet proof windows and gate for jewelry stores, embassies, military purpose etc.
  • Glass fiber or fiber glass: It is soft and flexible in nature. It does not absorb the water and it is fire resistance. For continue read all about glass fiber go through link…..
  • Plate glass or float glass: Float glass is a sheet which is made by molten glass come out from the furnace is allowed to float on the bed molten metal especially tin.  It is widely use for residential buildings, commercial complexes etc.
  • Heat-excluding glass: This glass has ability that allow light to pass through it, but eliminates heat. It is used for windows of coaches of high class in railways, in windows panels of important buildings, etc.
  • Foam glass: This type of glass is float on water and it can be cut like wood. It is fireproof, rigid and an excellent heat insulator. It can be used as a substitute for cork for use in air conditioning and refrigeration industries.
  • Lead crystal glass: Lead crystal glass made by potassium carbonate, lead oxide and sand. So it has high refractive index, lead crystal sparkles. It is used for making expensive glassware and it is also used for decorative purposes.
  • Optical glass: Optical glasses maintain their properties through their melting process, chemical composition, and finishing methods. Optical glass will be found in scientific instruments, microscopes, fighter aircraft and most commonly in spectacles. The most important properties are refractive index and the dispersion.
(1) optical glass. (2) Photochromic glass. (3) Perforated glass. (4)Safety glass. (5) soluble glass. (6) Structural glass.
  • Photochromic glass: It is used to protection from sun.  
  • Perforated glass: In this type of glass, the perforations are made in sheet glass with the help of rollers. It is mainly used for panels in ventilation.
  • Safety glass: Safety glass is glass which made with additional safety feature. This glass formed by placing celluloid between two sheet of the plate glass and then applying glue to make a single unit. It is not easily break. It is also known as toughened glass or tempered glass.
  • Structural glass: As we know glass is widely used in structure nowadays. These are in the form of glasscrete squares or lenses which are set in cement concrete and reinforced with steel frames.
  • Soluble glass: This glass made by melting quartz sand, grinding and thoroughly mixing with soda ash, sodium sulphate or potassium carbonate. It is used for making acid-resistant cement. This glass toxic in nature and hazardous in case of skin contact.


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