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How gold nano-particles use in treatment of cancer?

As we know that the use of nanotechnology is continuously increasing in this modern world. Nanotechnology is being used in human health and other challenges. In this article, we will focus on how gold nanoparticle is used in the treatment of cancer.

Gold nanoparticles use DNA to deliver Doxorubicin, improving cancer treatment.(pic credit: OncoZine )

Photothermal therapy using gold nanoparticles:

Photothermal therapy is a medical treatment which is used in application of gold nanoparticles in cancer treatment. In 2003, first time gold nanoparticles used for photothermal therapy in treatment of cancer. This new method for selective damaging of target cell, which is used 20–30 nm gold nanospheres radiated by 20 ns laser pulses (532 nm) in creation of local warming up. The use of gold nanoparticles seems to be the most promising in the treatment of cancer.

Gold nanoparticles produced in cancer cells (pic credit: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News)

This photothermal therapy will work on any soft-tissue tumors, such as the breast, neck, skin, prostate, brain, head, and cervix. The nano particles are designed to convert light into heat blasting away the surrounding cancerous tissue. In other words, gold nanoparticles absorb incident photons and convert them to heat and destroy cancer cells. It is beneficial in diagnosis of cancer due to their photo physical and optical properties. Gold nanoparticles absorb light with very high efficiency and which dominant effective photothermal therapy (PTT) at relatively low radiation energy.

Characteristics of gold nanoparticles:

Gold nanoparticles have great biological compatibility and they are chemically inert.

Gold nanoparticles are highly stable because of presence of gold sulphur bond.

Gold nanoparticles which are used in cancer treatment get deposited in those cancerous cells which lead to cytotoxic effect i.e. necrosis of the particular cell.

Advantages of gold nanoparticles:                                                               

Gold nanoparticles has large surface area which are provides high loading capacity for drug delivery. It improves the hydrophilicity and stability of drugs.

Gold nanoparticles have ability to destroy tumor without harming healthy cells in compare to other system.

The enhanced tumor accumulation of gold nanoparticles can be utilized for drug delivery to increase therapeutic potent and reduce side effects.

Disadvantages of gold nanoparticles: This treatment is expensive than others and Reticuloendothelial system gets affected in presence of gold nanoparticles.

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