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Greenhouse effect is naturally occurring phenomenon which is responsible for heating of earth’s surface and atmosphere. Because of this effect the average temperature of earth’s surface would be 19˚C instead of 15˚C.

        The incoming solar radiations are reflected back by clouds and gases present in the atmosphere and at least half of the radiations fall on the earth. Earth’s surface re-emits these rays in the form of infrared radiations which get absorbed by the gases present in our atmosphere. These radiations again come back to the earth’s surface resulting in the rise of temperature. This cycle keeps on repeating. The gases which are responsible for heating up the temperature are known as Greenhouse gases. These are Carbon dioxide (60%), Methane (20%), Chlorofluorocarbon (14%), Nitrous oxide (6%) and Water vapor.

         The increase in the level of Greenhouse gases results in more and more warming of earth’s surface which is known as Global Warming.

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Causes of global warming.
  1. Burning of fossil fuels: According to several researches, we got that the burning of fossil fuels is biggest causes to increase in global warming. Approx more than 80% carbon dioxide comes from burning of fossil fuels from industries and other sources.
  2. Increase in human population: Yes this is also is a cause to increase in atmospheric temperature. If more number of people then demands of fuel, gas, vehicles, coal increases and this is one of the reasons to increase in production of CO2 in the environment.   
  3. Deforestation: Approx 30% land is covered by forest on earth but we are continuously cutting the trees.  That’s why CO2 increase in environment so this is also a main cause to increase global warming. 
  4. Vehicles releasing carbon dioxide: More than 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year by the vehicles. 
  5. Burning of plants: Burning of trees and plants release carbon dioxide or green house gases in the atmosphere and increase the temperature of environment. One of main cause is wild fire too. Some since previous years the wild fire are more and affect the environment.


Impact of global warming.
  1. Melting of glaciers: Nowadays  we can clearly see that how sea level is increase and this having due to increase in environment temperature in other words due to global warming all over the world.
  2. Food and farming : It become difficult for farmers to grow crops and to raise livestock due to heat waves, change in rainfall pattern , severe drought etc. This leads to less production of food and rise in their prices.
  3. Water shortage: Global warming brings less rainfall which leads to drought conditions and ultimately availability of water gets reduced.
  4. Change in climate: As we know that due to global warming there is rise in temperature which bring imbalance in weather pattern. We have extremely hot summer and have short period of winters.
  5. Health: As consequences of global warming our health conditions also get worst. Natural calamities bring various mosquito borne deadly diseases. Severe heat waves cause illness and may leads to death.

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  1. Less use of fossil fuels
  2. less use of personal vehicles and give priority on public transport.
  3. Planting more and more trees
  4. Check the growth of human population and control on it.
  5. Air purifier which checks the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Conclusion: Global warming is one of the major problems for our environment. It should be controlled otherwise the whole life on earth get disturbed. This not only affects human health but also other species in various ways like loss of habitat and extinction of species. Thank you for reading my article hope it may help you to understand about global warming and effects. And for other topics you can continue on this ( website.

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