Magnetic materials

What are rare earth magnets?

About rare earth magnets:

The rare earth magnet is a kind of magnetic material which is made of an alloy composed of samarium, neodymium mixed with rare earth metal and transition metals, pressed and sintered by powder metallurgy method, and they are magnetized by a magnetic field. Rare earth magnets are a symbol of precision and high performance. They are a vital component found in much of today’s technology and industrial applications. Rare earth magnets are the strongest permanent magnets available and have significantly higher performance than ferrite (ceramic) and alnico magnets.

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Characteristics of rare earth magnets:

Rare-earth permanent magnets are currently known as a permanent magnet material with the highest extensive performance. It has much superior performance than ferrite and AlNiCo, and twice the magnetic performance of expensive platinum-cobalt alloys. With the development of the computer, communications, and other industries, the rare earth permanent magnet, especially the Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet industry has developed rapidly.

Types of rare earth magnets:          

Basically they are two types and both have different strength, different chemical compositions and different magnetic powers as well as physical properties.

1. Samarium-cobalt magnets

2. neodymium magnets

Samarium-cobalt magnet: They are less use because of their high cost and lower magnetic strength. Samarium-cobalt magnet is first family of rare earth magnet. Curie temperature is high in samarium-cobalt. Typically difficult to demagnetize, samarium cobalt magnets have moderately high operating temperatures and high resistance to corrosion. These magnets can be coated as well.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages and dis advantages of samarium-cobalt magnet

Some common applications of Samarium-cobalt magnet:

  1. Computer disc drives and sensors
  2. Traveling wave tubes
  3. Linear actuators and satellite systems
  4. Motors where temperature stability is vital

Neodymium magnet: Neodymium magnets are the strongest and most affordable types of rare-earth magnets. These magnets tend to be brittle and are vulnerable to corrosion. Manufacturers typically nickel plate the material to protect it from oxidation. They are made of an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron (Nd2Fe14B).

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Advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages and disadvantages of neodyminum

Some common applications of Neodymium magnets:

  1. Magnetic separators
  1. Medical devices
  2. Linear actuators
  3. Microphone assemblies
  4. Servo motors
  5. DC motors (automotive starters)
  6. Speakers, Computer rigid disc drives and printers

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