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Will flying cars be in reality by 2030?

About the flying cars:

Will flying cars be in reality by 2030? The flying car that was once a fantasy seems to be a reality in today’s world. A flying car is a type of personal aerial vehicle or roadworthy aircraft that provides door-to-door transportation by both road and air. The term “flying car” is also sometimes used to include hover cars. Where a hover car is a personal vehicle that flies at a constant altitude of up to few meters (some feet) above the ground and used for personal transportation in the same way a modern automobile is employed.

The flying car (Image: kleinVision)

One such is made by AirCar and it has completed an inter-city test flight for the first time. This was also the first time any flying car completed an inter-city flight. The car flew between two international airports in Nitra and Bratislava in Slovakia on June 28. The flying car took 35 minutes to cover the distance.

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The flying car is powered by a 160hp BMW engine; it has a fixed propeller and a ballistic parachute. The air car is capable of flying 1000 km at a height of 8200 feet. Flying car can fly at a speed of 170 km/hr.  

The flying car has completed 40 hours of flying since its initial test. In addition, the car is capable of turning smoothly even on 45-degree turns. The company claims that it takes about maximum two minutes to fly and convert from a car to a plane.

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Flight takes just so many seconds: According to the news, the car makes it capable of flying in just three minutes while running on the road. At the same time, after taking off in 30 seconds, it takes off in the sky.

The head of Hyundai Europe said that by 2030, flying cars will be a reality and there will be less congestion on the roads.

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