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Why En-8 steel is suitable for various applications?

Why EN-8 steel is suitable?

EN8 Steel is a very popular grade of unalloyed medium carbon steel which is readily machinable in any conditions. EN8 is suitable for the manufacturing of parts such as general-purpose axles and shaft, bolts and studs. It can be surface hardened by induction hardening process, producing components with enhanced wear resistance. EN8 in its, heat treated forms possesses good homogeneous metallurgical structure and giving consistent machining properties. It is suitable for shafts, medium torque shafts. Typical applications including shaft, studs, bolts, connecting rods, screws, rollers, hydraulic rams having. It is mostly used in automobile parts and machine building industries. EN8 steel having carbon % is (0.35-0.45). Which means, EN-8 steel having higher tensile strength. It is normally supplied in the cold drawn or as rolled condition. Tensile properties vary but usually between 500-800N/mm2.

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EN8 steel widely used for applications which require better properties than mild steel but not justify the cost of an alloy steel. EN8 steel can be flame or induction hardening to produce a good surface hardness with moderate wear resistance. It is available from stock in bar and can be cut to our requirements it is also fairly strength forward to weld compared to many high alloy steel and has good machinability plus the fact that being a cold drawn grade it has better dimensional accuracy than black steel and so will tend to need less machining.

It tends to be a good choice for medium duty application where moderate strength and accuracy is required but easy of manufacturing is a priority. This is the reason Why En-8 steel is suitable for various applications?

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Some general Mechanical properties of EN8 steel:

Mechanical properties of EN8 steel

Application of EN8 Steel:

EN-8 steel is an unalloyed medium carbon steel, with improve strength, through hardening. EN8 steels also readily machinable in any conditions. It has aggressed variety of applications ranging for tiny needle to ship building and structural applications and surgical instruments. Steel is globally accepted as primary used material for construction of military vehicle. Military vehicle is commonly armored to withstand the impact of sharpnel, bullets, missiles or shells, protecting the personal inside from enemy fire. Such vehicle includes armored fighting like tanks, aircrafts and ships.

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In structural material such as trusses and beams, and in non-structural materials such as grills, doors, windows etc. In steel pipe, tanks, in sanitary and sewer fitting and reinforcement for concrete etc. EN8 steel material is suitable for the all engineering application requiring higher strength than mild steel such as shown in figure:

EN8 steel: (1) Bolt and studs, (2) Gears, (3) Shafts, (4) Round bars, (5) Spindles

Conclusion: In this article, you read about En8 steel and Why En-8 steel is suitable for various applications? Thank you for reading this article hope it may help you to understand about basic of metallurgy and EN8 steel applications. And visit for more article related to bio materialselectronic materialsadvance materials,  magnetic materials and metallurgical based.

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