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A lamp can generate light by the Sea water: “Waterlight”

Today the world is engaged in the search for renewable energy, many institutions of the world are doing research on the sources of renewable energy.

It has been prompted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) which showed 840 million people worldwide are currently without access to electricity.

Meanwhile, worldwide demand for electricity continues to grow annually and traditional fossil fuel resources are set to deplete.

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Nowadays we are seeing the news of generating light from sea water; today we will discuss this topic.

Credit: Waterlight

What is sea water lamp?

Sea water lamp is nothing but it can generate light with the help of sea water. Colombian renewable energy start-up e-Dina has developed a cordless light that converts saltwater into electricity as a more reliable alternative to solar lamps in off-grid communities.

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The portable device, called the WaterLight, needs to be filled with 500ml of seawater – or urine in emergency situations – to emit light for 45 days; according to Wunderman Thompson.

Acting as a mini power generator, the device can also be used to charge a mobile phone or any other small device via its integrated USB port.

Credit: Waterlight

“E-Dina is a Colombian company and we wanted to start with a local community with the problem of access to electricity,” Ruiz told Dezeen.  

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Working principle of sea waterlight:

The saltwater reacts with the magnesium in the WaterLight that causes a simple chemical reaction that generates electricity. 

Two cups of water give the WaterLight enough to be powered for around 45 days, based on the kind of usage its users put it through, according to Pipe Ruiz, an executive creative director for Wunderman Thompson Columbia, a creative agency that collaborated with E-Dina in the creation of WaterLight. 

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Credit: Waterlight

In the end of this process the water and salt get separated. So when the WaterLight is no longer able to illuminate, the water that’s remaining in the light can be used for cooking.

The desert landscape is surrounded by the sea and has limited access to electricity. It’s hoped that the WaterLight will help the community use the sea water to sustainably power their lives without needing to travel to find power. One intended use is to help night fishing, for example.

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